2017 World Tournament

Jerry Dugan is the first World Class Champion from KS in the preliminaries of the 2017 World Tournament . He finished 13-2 with a 29.33% ringer average in Elders G2

Jerry Dugans

 Dan Hiatt of KC became a World Class Champion in the Men’s D1 class of the preliminary rounds of the 2017 World Horseshoe Tournament. Dan had to win an exciting come from behind playoff game to seal the deal. He finished with 12 wins and 4 losses with a 35.47 ringer average.


 Sandy Rongish of Wichita became a World Class Champion in Women's K Class of the preliminary rounds of the 2017 World Horseshoe Tournament . She had 11 wins and 2 losses with a 17.31% ringer average.


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Kayla Kvacik became the 4th Kansas pitcher to become a World Class Champion at the 2017 World Horseshoe Tournament. Her 1st place finish come in Women E class where she finished with 10 wins and 3 losses and a 49.42% ringer average.

KHPA-Hall-Of-Fame Book (PDF)

  1. members appointed by the President for that year. Any Hall of Fame member who
    moves out of state or is inactive for a period of five years shall then lose their voting

  2. The President shall appoint a Chairperson of the Committee from the Committee

  3. Nominations for persons to be considered for the Hall of Fame must be made in
    writing to the Committee Chairperson by July 15 prior to the next State Tournament.
    The nominations should include a written history of the person’s accomplishments in
    the game as a player, organizer, or player-organizer and should be no longer than one
    typewritten page.

  4. The Chairperson shall send a list of the persons nominated plus a copy of the
    nomination(s) submitted for them to each Committee member.

  5. The Committee members will vote for their selection(s), if any.

  6. The Committee Chairperson will tabulate the votes. Election will be by a 60%
    majority vote of the voting members of the Committee.

  7. One player, one organizer, and one player-organizer may be selected each year.

  8. The Committee Chairperson will notify the State Secretary of the recommendation(s)
    by August 15.

  9. Once nominated, each name shall remain on the ballot afterwards for further
    consideration (limit 10 years).

    The present Chairperson for 2016 is: Bernie VanLerberg, 12419 142nd St., Bonner
    Springs, KS 66012. 913-422-7095. E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All recommendations should be sent to him in accordance with the guidelines above. The
Hall of Fame is posted on the Kansas webpage and a copy is held by each of the
Executive Committee members. If you wish to see those just ask the President, Vice-
President, or the Secretary/Treasurer.